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TeleBall Case - CAD and 3D Printing

Designing the Case: CAD

FreeCad is an Open Source parametric 3D CAD modeler. We used it to design the TeleBall Case. The following gallery is showing you the case and the lid 3D rendered by FreeCad.

The mechanism for keeping the case closed stable can be best understood when you have a look at the rightmost image (click to zoom): The lever shown there is clicking into place when being moved over the hole shown at the leftmost image while closing.

Toggle Thingiview on Thingiverse to get a realtime interactive 3D view of the case and the lid: Click the blue “photos”, then click on Thingiview and then use your mouse to zoom and rotate.

Manufacturing the Case: 3D Printing

The TeleBall package contains a folder called cad. The files stored there are used to 3D print the TeleBall device consisting of the case and the lid.


Some online 3D printing shops are accepting convenient packaged .cmb.gz files, which are already containing the whole device. Others are accepting .stl files, where you are uploading and ordering the body (case) and the lid separately. Alternately, you can use FreeCad or other tools to create your own 3D Printing file package using the .stl files as sources.

You can also download the files needed for 3D printing from Thingiverse.

3D Printed Case and Lid

The following photos show you, what you can expect back from your 3D printing shop.

Ready Assembled Device