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TeleBall Electronics


Schematics Overview

Download TeleBall’s detailed Schematics PDF. The subfolder eagle of your TeleBall package contains all schematics including the PCB design. We used the Freeware version of the specialized CAD software Eagle to create the schematics and the board layout (PCB design).

The Circuit Explained

The following parts are the main parts of the circuit:

Some basics about how these main parts work together:

Important Files

All files related to TeleBall’s electronics are Eagle files, so you find them in the eagle folder.

BreakOut-8x8-rev2.sch      Eagle schematics file. The above-mentioned
                           schematics are contained here.
BreakOut-8x8-rev2.brd      Eagle PCB layout file. The below-mentioned
                           board layouts are contained here.              As the .sch and .brd files are self-contained,
                           you only need the Eagle libraries from the ZIP,
                           if you want to dig deeper, e.g. modify details
                           of parts.

Custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

To get a custom PCB you just need to send the file BreakOut-8x8-rev2.brd from the eagle folder of the TeleBall package to the online PCB manufacturer of your choice. The .brd file contains the multiple layers of which your PCB is consisting of:

And this is how the result, i.e. the custom manufactured PCB should basically look like:

The left side shows the top side of the PCB, the gap at the top right is for the red button, the so called Universal Button (reset, configuration, confirmation, etc). Download the high-resolution version of the PCB Photo.

Assembly Diagram

Download high-resolution versions of the assembly diagrams: Top Layer Photo and Bottom Layer Photo

Some Hints for Assembling and Soldering TeleBall

Battery Clips

The case as well as the lid feature special places where the battery clips / battery springs need to be added. As shown in the image below, there are two kinds of battery clips: Flat clips and clips with springs. We bought just one variant - with springs - and created the other kind by cutting off the spring.There is a different treatment of the battery clips in the case versus the battery clips in the lid:

Bill of Materials

Image ID Description Where to get it
Case Case TeleBall Case and Lid 3D print it (or have it 3D printed) as described in Case
PCB PCB Custom printed circuit board Have it manufactured as described in this chapter.
MODUL1 ARDUINO MODUL1 ARDUINO Arduino Nano or compatible device Original Arduino Device or search for “arduino 3.0 nano 5v” on eBay to find compatible devices / clones
KWM- R30881CBB KWM- R30881CBB The Adafruit KWM-R30881CBB is a 30x30mm blue 8x8 LED matrix display featuring row cathodes. Visit the Adafruit store and find part #1817. Seems to be Adafruit exclusive, as we did not yet find alternative vendors for this device, yet.
IC1 IC1 The MAX7221CNG+ is the display driver of the TeleBall. Standard / Farnell 2516083
SV1 SV1 NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Antenna Wireless Transceiver Module for Arduino on a breakout board There are plenty of vendors on ebay selling this. Search for NRF24L01+ Arduino.
IC2 VREG3 IC2 VREG3 Rohm voltage regulator part number BD33KA5FP-E2. Standard / Farnell 2342845
SCHALTER SCHALTER EAO 09.10201.02 switch with pins bent at right-angles Standard / Farnell 1608081
LED1, LED2, LED3 LED1, LED2, LED3 MULTICOMP 5mm Round LED Lamp, 20 mA. You need 3 of them per TeleBall. Standard / Farnell 2112111
BUTTON BUTTON Focan Electronic PBS-10C-2 reverse-logic button. If you need to find an alternative, use the datasheet to get the exact specs. Not that easy to find. Try Amazon, eBay, Alibaba; googling PBS-10C might also help. There might be similar buttons available, if you search for “pbs push button”. IMPORTANT: The PBS-10C-2 is a reverse-logic button, that closes the circuit when not being pressed and opens it when being pressed. If you use another button type, you might need to adjust this line of code.
LS LS Thin Speaker, 39.6mm diameter, 4.5mm height, 8 Ω impedance, 0.25 W Sparkfun part COM-10722 or Adafruit part #1891
POTI POTI Monacor VRB-141M10 10 kΩ linear mono potentiometer, 6mm shaft diameter, 25mm shaft length + 9,5mm body. If you need to find an alternative, use the datasheet to get the exact specs. Monacor UK shop article VRB-141M10, click on “Find Your Retailer” on the right sidebar. Alternately google for “Monacor VRB-141M10 10k linear mono potentiometer”.
C2 C2 10 µF Tantal SMD capacitor 805 package Standard / Farnell 197270
C1, C3, C4 C1, C3, C4 100 nF SMD capacitor 805 package. You need 3 of them per TeleBall. Standard / Farnell 644160
R2 R2 24.9 kΩ SMD resistor 805 package Standard / Farnell 2057643
R5, R6, R7 R5, R6, R7 8.2 kΩ SMD resistor 805 package. You need 3 of them per TeleBall. Standard / Farnell 1887306
Knob Knob Black aluminum rotary knob, 40mm diameter for 6mm shaft Not easy to find. Try eBay’s Audio Knobs Section or google for Black aluminum rotary knob, 40mm diameter for 6mm shaft, sometimes vendors call it a “Volume Control Potentiometer Knob”.’
Battery Clip Battery Clip KEYSTONE BK5201 Battery Clip, 11.2x12.0 mm, 0.8 mm height of the foot, 10.5mm height including spring. You need 4 of them per TeleBall. Get the specs here if you need to find an alternative. Not easy to find. Amazon or eBay sometimes have it. Google for KEYSTONE BK5201 or KEYSTONE BK5201 Battery Holder or similar combinations.

Some hints about “Where to get it”: