Build your own Arduino retro handheld game console

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Playing TeleBall


Overview Diagram
When you start your TeleBall, you’re ready to play BreakOut. The factory default settings feature a rather slow ball speed and a big paddle swing, i.e. you need to rotate the knob heavily to move the paddle.


Play BreakOut
BreakOut is an Arcade classic. Watch TeleBall in action on YouTube to see how it works.

BreakOut is TeleBall’s default mode, so it not only starts in BreakOut mode, but it also reverts back to BreakOut if something goes wrong while playing Tennis for Two.

Tennis for Two

Play Tennis
As the name is suggesting, Tennis for Two is a multiplayer game, i.e. you need two TeleBall devices to play it. TeleBall is using radio on the 2.4 GHz frequency to communicate between the devices. Watch it in action on YouTube.

Starting a Match

The first two minutes after being switched on, TeleBall is searching for another player. After two minutes, the scanner is turned off, i.e. you might want to restart your devices if you played BreakOut before and want to start a Tennis for Two match.

To start a match, bring two devices into a very close physical proximity and perform the following steps:

  1. Switch on both TeleBalls.

  2. After a few seconds, both TeleBalls are displaying a question mark (?).

  3. Both players now need to turn the knob to the right side until the question mark turns into an exclamation mark (!).

  4. Both players need to confirm playing tennis by pressing the red button.

  5. The Tennis for Two match starts.

Tennis for Two can only be left by switching at least one of the TeleBalls off.

During step (4): If one player confirms and the other does not yet, then the exclamation mark on his screen starts to shrink to indicate the ~8 second timeout. After that period, TeleBall assumes that the other player does not want to join and reverts back to BreakOut.

Instead of confirming playing Tennis for Two using the exclamation mark, the players can also turn their knob to the left side - the question mark is shown - and go back to BreakOut.

Adjusting the Challenge

Adjusting the challenge means adjusting the speed of the game. Any player can enter the Speed Set mode to adjust the game’s speed for both players. The game is paused while in Speed Set mode, both devices are showing a synchronized Speed Set screen, but only the player who entered the Speed Set mode is able to adjust the speed - the other player is watching.

Known Issues

Speed Set Mode

Hint: TeleBall will “forget” this speed the next time you turn it off and on again and instead use the default speed. To remember this speed and to make it the new default speed, you need to store it to TeleBall’s EEPROM using the Advanced Settings.

Advanced Settings

Enter the Advanced Settings by pressing the red button for about five seconds while already being in Speed Set mode. It is advisable to set the desired speed in Speed Set mode before entering the Advanced Settings - otherwise you might save a speed in the EEPROM that does not suit your needs.

While being in Advanced Settings, you cycle through the following configuration options by pressing the red button and releasing it quickly:

Changing Batteries

Changing Batteries
TeleBall runs on four AA batteries. When opening the case, be careful not to damage the speaker, which needs to be placed back exactly into its defined position before closing the case again.